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HVAC Service, Installation And Repair

HVAC Company in Lakeland, Winter Park, and Davenport, FL

Consider HVAC Service and Repair from the experts at Polk Air Conditioning & Heating serving all of Central Florida with top quality HVAC Service and affordable repair and replacement for over twenty years.

HVAC Service & Repair In Central Florida

The benefits of a more significant energy efficient unit could lower your cooling and heating costs to such a degree that it might make the most sense to consider a complete replacement. Our team of certified, trained HVAC technicians is available year round and around the clock for emergency repairs for all of Central Florida and the surrounding area.
HVAC Company in Lakeland, Winter Park, and Davenport, FL

Available 8AM – 8PM 7 Days a Week.

Our convenient availability means that our technicians are ready to hit the ground running on your repair when you need it. Need service?

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

The savings you could often be seeing depends on the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or (SEER) also known as the amount of energy required providing a standard cooling output quotient. Older air conditioning systems have lower SEER ratings of six or less; this is when the minimum allowable SEER by manufacturing standards is currently 14. Therefore today’s’ best air conditioning units can be over fifty percent higher in energy efficiency than older HVAC unit systems. It would be to your ultimate advantage to call Polk Air Conditioning & Heating to see exactly what your current SEER rating is currently and how much you might be able to save with a brand new unit.

We offer a wide selection of products and extended warranties for up to 10 years.